Saturday, June 4, 2011

encryption and decryption without keys or certificate

the following code will encrypt data and decrypt that with a simple two function EncryptByPassPhrase and DecryptByPassPhrase . the encryption with this function use Triple DES  encryption algorithm by default.

by two side of encry or decry, you specify your keyword (the formula that will use for encry and decry). if you encry data by keyword 'cairo city' for example, then you must decry you data by the same keyword. if you use another keyword you will fail to decry your data.

Note that every time you make a encry for fixed string with same keyword encry the result will difference.

DECLARE @org_text nvarchar(1000), @enc_text varbinary(2000);
SET @org_text = N'Type you data here';
SET @enc_text = EncryptByPassPhrase(N'your keyword', @org_text);
SELECT 'Original text = ', @org_text;
SELECT 'Encrypted text = ', @enc_text;
SELECT 'Decrypted plain text = ',
CAST(DecryptByPassPhrase(N'your keyword', @enc_text) AS nvarchar(1000));

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Jimmy Jarred said...

Great ! Thanks for sharing this code snippet. I will try this function to check how it works.
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